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Unlock your body's potential with ReMade HOME, a meticulously crafted 6-week online fitness program led by Gunnar, an expert personal trainer with a track record of transformative success. Designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, from your computer or phone, ReMade HOME brings Gunnar's expertise directly to you.

  • Comprehensive Workouts: Engage in 1-1.5 hour long workouts 4 days a week, strategically designed to transform your body and elevate your fitness levels.
  • Weekly Bonus Challenges: Experience added bonus finishers and weekly challenges, carefully integrated to push your boundaries and drive you towards excellence.
  • Accountability System: Benefit from our structured accountability system with weekly check-ins, ensuring consistent progress and motivation throughout your journey.
  • Flexible Access: Choose between downloading weekly PDFs or engaging directly within our digital GunnarMade Portal for a tailored workout experience.
  • Progress Tracking: Complete weekly workouts, answer the questionnaire, and upload your transformation photos to visually track your progress and achievements.
  • Expert Guidance: Leverage Gunnar's extensive personal training experience and insights, distilled into a program that's proven to work for thousands of clients.

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