About Gunnar


It's Simple, I Love What I Do.

GunnarMade is a health and fitness coach specializing in creating nutrition and fitness based programs to fit each of his client's individual strengths and needs. His goal within training is to push his clients passed their personal potential and to create a new standard of living that allows them to succeed inside and outside of them gym in their daily lives. Through personal coaching, online coaching/programs and the use of the GunnarMade mobile application, GunnarMade will lead ensure you stay accountable during your transformation. With a holistic approach, he will help you find the balance you have been craving for so long. This means you will be able to eat food that is equally as good for you as it is tasting. He will educate you on a diet that will increase your energy, gut health, immune system and much more. Together, you and GunnarMade can set a NEW standard of living. Make this commitment to yourself now and GET GUNNARMADE!