GunnarMade August Meal Prep Recipe Book


Welcome to GunnarMade Meal Prep Digital Recipes!

We are a local plant based (with pescatarian option) meal prep company in Charleston, South Carolina. 

GunnarMade began his business in the personal training industry and found himself spending a lot of time cleaning out his clients cabinets, grocery shopping and meal prepping to ensure they were staying accountable outside of the gym. Due to high demand, we have made this into its own entity within GunnarMade!

GunnarMade went plant based over a year ago due to health issues and his concerns with where and HOW his food is sourced.  He has implemented his belief in clean sourced food into his personal and professional life and has seen so many transformative moments with his clients. This lifestyle allows you to get to know your body in depth as far as what it does and doesn't like as well as priming it for a energetic, healthy and fulfilling life!

Our goal is to one day take GunnarMade Meal Prep outside of Charleston, but for the time being we have digital recipes to provide our out of state clients on a monthly basis so they can follow along!

Let's set a new standard with GunnarMade Meal Prep! 

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