About GunnarMade Meal Prep

Welcome to GunnarMade Meal Prep!

GunnarMade Meal Prep is a fully plant-based meal prep company with a team that is dedicated to creating a balanced, flavorful, and dynamic array of options for our clients to enhance their health, save their time and to hopefully spread the benefits of why plant based has so many monumental effects on the mind and body. 

Our definition of plant based is as simple as 'whole foods' only! No dairy, no processed sugars, no gluten...and of course, no meat. But we promise, with our macros, you will be getting more than enough protein throughout the day.

Our service provides meals for Monday-Friday.  You will have the option to select a full week (15 meals; 5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner), a half week (depending on which part of the week you choose meals will vary) and a full month at a discounted price.

We will have a la carte items including fresh squeezed juice, detox shots, healthy snacks and guilty pleasure plant based snacks! There are a lot of other fun concepts in our pipeline that we will be releasing soon!

We deliver our meals every Wednesday and Sunday straight to your door to ensure your meals are fresh! 

If you have any other questions please email mealprep@gunnarmade.com